Jessica DeBold began her journalism career in 2012 as Editor at Loyola University’s Weekly award-winning student-run paper, The Maroon. She is also the former research and news intern for the hyper-local news source, Uptown Messenger.

Today, Jess is a staff writer and editor at the largest magazine publishing company in New Orleans.

Jess has a column in New Orleans Magazine called Read & Spin. She also frequently contributes to the “Try This” column in New Orleans Magazine, and is also used as an in-house feature writer.

In addition, Jess writes for New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles as the feature writer for Masters of Their Craft.

Jess also writes for and

Article on  “Get on the Same Page About Wage Changes: An in-depth look at the new overtime rules and how it affects both employers and their employees”

Article on “Conversation with a Vampire: An Interview with James Marsters of the ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ series”

Read & Spin

Try This!


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