Political Rant

Moral disengagement and the Boston explosions

Thank goodness everyone in Boston is alright. However, violence is a factor in the lives of all too many people beyond our borders.
End this moral disengagement by understanding the horrific crimes of violence everywhere.

Details and names of first American victims, but who were the victims of the civil chaos America caused in Iraq?

Think about it. We are all equal and one innocent life is of no greater value than another’s..

Irish Cuisine

Dublin restaurant review

The weekend trip to Belfast was miserable, and I am ecstatic to be back in Dublin. Throughout the trip, I needed to consciously discern between what I can eat and what would bring about inevitable food poisoning. I did not have the opportunity to splurge on a good meal in Belfast, and so, fast food from shoddy restaurants was all I ate.Continue reading “Irish Cuisine”

Music in Dublin

Edward Sharpe at the Olympia Theater

Today is the day. I am finally going to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I saw the poster for their concert on the first day I arrived in Dublin and I knew I had to go. I paid 25€ for the tickets; a bit more than I would have spent if I saw them back in New Orleans. I had the opportunity to see them in October of 2010 but flaked on the last minute. As I’ve been listening to their new album, Here, I knew that I was not going to let anything stop me this time.Continue reading “Music in Dublin”

Off the Tourists’ Path

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

North Richmond street was decorated with solemn brick houses just as Joyce describes. The area seems to be poor, with fences and yards laced with barbed wire. There was litter scattered around porches and down the sidewalks. The surrounding area had small convenience stores and electronic repair shops. The Christian Brother’s School, also called O’Connell Primary School, is still on the corner of the blind street. The school takes up a large part of the road. I saw no playgrounds or signs of children playing.Continue reading “Off the Tourists’ Path”


Street art in Dublin

As I wandered the streets I came across several beautiful street art stencils and frescos. Soon enough, I found myself walking down the smallest of allies and scanning sides of buildings for more. I have never seen so much public street art so forwardly interlaced into a city’s look. It is literally everywhere, not just graffiti but art. Even New Orleans let Banksy stencils go to waste. Continue reading “Banksy”

Welcome to the Emerald Isle

First week in Dublin, Ireland- “Shades of Grey But Alive and Well”

Giants Causeway Northern Ireland
Giants Causeway Northern Ireland

Even on a sunny day, the sky seems to sustain a thick grey tint.

Women confidently striding with pretty freckles on their noses and fiery red locks (of who are quite the eye-popping contrast with all of the grey).  Continue reading “Welcome to the Emerald Isle”