California Dreaming: Hot Springs

We had no plan. No escape in case everything fell apart. We had no place to lay our heads at night and no idea where we were headed next. We found an oasis in the desert, a dog wearing shoes and seals bathing in the sunset. From Vegas to California, it was the best time of my life.


Agua Caliente County Park


  • Cabin options available but there are no beds in the cabins.
  • Most people drive their RV’s and take over a spot with electric and water hook/ups.
  • We enjoyed primitive camping for just $10 per night.
  • Very clean bathrooms and showers (the showers are paid for with quarters)


  • Hiking
    • Moonlight Trail requires some rock climbing but the dessert canyon leads you into a secret jungle oasis ~ 2 miles.
  • Pools fed by natural faultline springs (additional $5 per person, per day).


Published by Bold Baladi

💃 Belly Dancer & Martial Artist 🥋 👊 Helping dancers defend themselves from assault and violence. 🦋 Inspiring women to discover the divine feminine and warrior goddess. Bold (adj.) Fearless Presumptuous; Adventurous, Free. Baladi بلدي ( adj. Egyptian Arabic ) My Country

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