Political Rant 2

The Western Media Propaganda Cocktail

Everyone is talking about the attacks in France, and understandably so. What I don’t understand is how people can go on rants about upholding freedom of speech and yet still not question the standard of our news anchors and reporters. Media_Propaganda_by_Trosious

Western news media, especially in the U.S., is filled with non-stop propaganda, lies, stretches, and seems to be a breeding ground for nothing but ignorance and idiocy. There are vast, gaping holes in the news, and I have seen it myself while in Cairo during the 2013 overthrow of a corrupt president.

*Note that a majority of this information is not getting any coverage by Western media outlets.

– Seeing people support the victims of this attack is great and all, but what about the thousands killed in #BokoHaram in month of January alone?

– Where are the 274 girls kidnaped last year that everyone seemed to care about, including Michelle Obama with the #BringBackOurGirls message?

– What about the many beheadings that are carried out by the Saudi government, of which far surpass the crimes committed by Isis (78 in 2014, 87 in 2013)?

By Arend Van Dam
By Arend Van Dam

-Why is that number not reported in any mainstream media outlet in the U.S., but is found in various articles from an array of news sites based abroad?


– Isn’t it a bit odd that just as France was beginning to consider recognizing Palestine as an independent country, that there is an attack supposedly carried about by followers of Islam?

– How did these expert attackers so conveniently leave their IDs in the getaway car? Was this attack a false flag?


Want to make people think you give a shit about freedom of speech?

Start asking the right questions. Stop watching CNN. Stop believing everything they are telling you. Remember that it’s not about what you post on Facebook. What matters is the questions you pose, what you read and choose to believe, and how you show you care in your everyday life.

How many false flags have been carried out by the US in the last 70 years?

false flag
Here are just a few examples



2001 Anthrax Attack Carried out by FBI

Soldiers told to “drop weapons” on victims in Afghanistan

Israel throwing stones with intentions to blame Palestine

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