Proyecto Luis de Lión fundraiser


Luis de Lion was a professor and “outspoken” activist in Guatemala during a time of intense political corruption such as the genocide of indigenous people by the government. In the 80’s Lion disappeared leaving behind his wife, children and many students that found him to be an inspiration.

Over a decade later, leaked documents revealed that Lion was kidnapped, then tortured and killed by the government.

Proyecto Luis de Lión is in memory of this great author and humanitarian activist. On April 10 there is a fundraiser at The Prytania Bar, benefitting cultural and educational development to the children of the Community Art Academy of San Juan del Obispo, and of surrounding communities that Luis de Lion sacrificed his life for.


Published by Bold Baladi

💃 Belly Dancer & Martial Artist 🥋 👊 Helping dancers defend themselves from assault and violence. 🦋 Inspiring women to discover the divine feminine and warrior goddess. Bold (adj.) Fearless Presumptuous; Adventurous, Free. Baladi بلدي ( adj. Egyptian Arabic ) My Country

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