Thoughts from The Square: July 7, 2013

Me in Cairo, Egypt at Tahrir Square on July 7, 2013
Jessica in Cairo, Egypt standing in Tahrir Square on July 7, 2013 — days after President Morsi was overthrown.

What is democracy really? The Goliath nation tells it’s people that votes count, that they have a voice and that the government is a squeaky clean representative.

The reality is that democracy today is a rigged system defended mercilessly for the, and on behalf of, the rich and the powerful. Egypt’s revolution scares the Goliath nation because it demonstrates the voice of the people truly. Egyptians have denied this “fair political system” and have discovered it is merely a facade valued by those in power who benefit from the majority suffering. Democracy is not meant to hold the corrupt in power. Democracy is meant to defend the vote of the people NOT votes that were bought with lies and bribes. True democracy died a long time ago for the United Snakes.

Published by Bold Baladi

💃 Belly Dancer & Martial Artist 🥋 👊 Helping dancers defend themselves from assault and violence. 🦋 Inspiring women to discover the divine feminine and warrior goddess. Bold (adj.) Fearless Presumptuous; Adventurous, Free. Baladi بلدي ( adj. Egyptian Arabic ) My Country

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