Thoughts from The Square: July 3, 2013

The truth about the overthrow of Morsi from Cairo: July 3rd

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CNN and BBC have been switched off, and Aljazeera is on the verge. Where are the people included in considering the overthrow of president Morsi? The Egyptian people have been the topic of the news media since Thursday and now that their demands have been met, journalists and scholars around the world are trying to discredit their efforts. Nearly 33 million people have flooded to the streets in Cairo and around the world to protest against the “elected” president.

The truth is that there has never been democracy established in Egypt. The so-called democracy that has been “victim to a military coup” is nothing but some fantasy that western culture is propagating on. The Muslim brotherhood was never involved in the 2011 Revolution until the over throwing of their enemy, President Mubarak, became a real possibility. They swooped in quickly and strategically  with bread for the protesters and aid for the injured. The Brotherhood received the trust of the people when they were most vulnerable. The people have been through a new revolution and have now seen how NOT to choose a President. The Muslim brotherhood has been using Morsi as a puppet, and let me remind the world that this has been a known violent terrorist organization for over 50 years.

The Brotherhood of terrorists

Since the election of Morsi, the government has been publicly corrupt and has shamed the people who died for the freedom of Egypt. Morsi awarded himself with honor medals and told the impoverished and uneducated people that they would go to hell if they did not vote for him or support him. The Muslim brotherhood has tried to change the constitution so young girls can be forced into marriage by the age of nine. Electricity was poorly regulated and would go out for millions of people on a daily basis, I have heard stories of people dying when their lives depended on respirators running on electricity. The police have been non-existent on the streets, leaving the people lawless and violent. There have been frequent gas shortages, intense sexual-harassment and no justice, for nearly a year since Morsi’s inauguration. The Muslim Brotherhood had the opportunity to lead, but instead they  indulged in power and oppressed the people making the situation even worse than under Mubarak. The youth and women have been especially neglected despite all of their sacrifices in 2011. The main forms of human expression,  including the Cairo ballet and opera house, have been cut from funding and threatened to be outlawed. Popular Egyptian news satire host, Basem Yousef,  an Egyptian version of John Stewart,  was arrested my the  Morsi regime for his critiques of president.  If the Muslim brotherhood is kept in power then the Egyptian government threatens all basic human rights and the nation would  take several steps back. If president Obama addresses the nation and calls the overthrow of Morsi a “coup”,then all funding and support for the Egyptian military will cease and the brotherhood may regain power. This means that the United states supports terrorism, supports gender violence, supports sexual harassment, and supports tyranny disguised as a democratic system.

Obama kills arab babies

Why are all of these new organizations reporting this as a military coup when the president interim in non-affiliated with the military? The people started this “coup” and military is helping the people. The army has announced that there will be early elections and a new constitution drafted. Morsi believes that he has someone on his side, but who? The army has arrested the figure heads of the Muslim Brotherhood and the rally of supporters have been surrounded by military tanks. Morsi has no one to tell him what to do anymore, according to the public eye, but then perhaps he is a puppet not just for the Brotherhood. If the military did not intervene then we would see severe violence and a possible civil war, perhaps similar to the bloodshed going on currently in Iraq. What has happened in Egypt tonight is nothing short of a miracle and the United States has the fate of this beauty in their bloodthirsty hands.  The western world is terrified of a stable Middle Eastern country but the Egyptians will not take any less.

The military is on Egypt's side

This is how the US perpetuates Islamaphobia, and this is why the media is trying to gather international support of this situation as a military coup. When Obama crushes the dreams of millions of people and puts Morsi back into power, the people watching CNN and other puppet news channels will support his statements. I hope to God that I am wrong and Obama will acknowledge the will of the people, that the world will support the efforts towards progress and true democracy in Egypt. After the crimes against humanity committed by my government, I have no reason to believe they will do the right thing. I am tired of having trust in the Government, I am telling the people, right here and now, what is going on in Egypt; don’t be a drone and please support Egyptians, for the sake of humanity, liberty and justice.


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