Thoughts from The Square: May 30, 2013

One week until departure…

So I am leaving for Cairo in one week. What comes first to mind at this point is the degree of censorship I will experience there, as many people do. I am not sure what I will and will not be able to say or write on these posts about the situation in Egypt.  

Fortunately, VICE covered “Corruption” a few weeks ago and I feel, at the least,  aware of the high tensions. In terms of the project I have looked at the schedule over and over again: week 1 will consist of cultural sensitivity and awareness training.  I am ecstatic that @GUC is dedicating a full week to the emotional and mental preparation for the research and interactive phase. The overall program promises so much cultural immersion and unparalleled experiences of Egypt!

I am getting Facebook messages from the GUC AIESECERs and Horreya OCP’s. They are all so friendly and I just can’t wait to meet them, to befriend them and to learn from them.  I am on a mission to find some light clothes that can temporarily keep me cool and covered until I can stock up on some traditional clothing.  I am so excited to add this experience to my perspective and understanding of the world. I am hoping for a wake up call.

I need a quick jump-start to my ambition and work ethic before I leave and luckily I am nannying for an Egyptian family the rest of this week.  I got my vaccinations today and my arm hurts like a bitch but I can’t let go of this glowing feeling I have rising in my belly. I am going to Cairo. I am going to a place of political transition, near-economic collapse, and violent social unrest. This is going to be an adventure.
life is either a great adventure or nothing


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