Niche content is my specialty. I’ve been strategizing editorial in a range of industries for years—equating to more than 80 magazines. From music to hospitality to ports to e-commerce to trucking to hospitals and even professional sports, I’ve pitched, organized and written it all.
As a content strategist, I learn your business and help you reach customers, members, and donors. I focus my projects on what will generate leads, followers, and purchases. Not sure how to develop a following for your business? Trying to reach an audience outside of your scope? I can help your organization with full-service project management and campaign development.

Content Marketing

If you want to gain a true following, you need content.

  • Publish content that’s relatable, interesting and relevant.
  • Appeal to your wide-ranging customer base.
  • Become a resource for the industry.
  • Offer easily digestible stats, information graphics, and analysis of seemingly complicated topics.
  • You want your content to be visual as much as it should be meaningful.
    [Pro Tip: Content marketing is a means to an end.]

home-office-336378_960_720Project Management

Project managers start with listening.

  • Deadlines need to be managed with realistic expectations and experience
  • Process development is critical for effective campaigns.
    • How is your project going to be delivered?
    • Who needs to see which parts of the project?
    • On what platform(s) will your project be presented?
  • Campaign strategy curated for your audience.
    • Sally is 45, she is a mom and always on the go. Sally prefers listening to podcasts.
    • Fred is a successful businessman with little time to spend seeking out your product. Fred prefers your product information delivered right to his email or phone—and at the right time.

Graphic Design

We live in a visual world.

  • It takes people less than a second to decide if they will read your content.
  • You need a visual component to coincide with content.
    • This doesn’t always have to be an image, it can also be an effective layout design.
  • White space and color palates are also visual tools.
  • “By the numbers” is one of the most shared and most successful infographics for all of my niche clients:

    As seen in The EAST, East New Orleans Business Development District’s magazine.